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Benefits to In-Home Care

Advantages for the Client

Ability to stay home longer: In-Home care allows the senior to remain in their homes longer and to avoid the necessity of moving into an institutional setting before their time.

More personal and individualized care: With one-on-one assistance, the senior is able to receive care on his/her own terms.

A more active lifestyle: Senior can continue to enjoy their own hobbies and preferred activities with the assistance of a personal attendant.

More control over their lives: By remaining in their own homes, seniors have control over their schedules and lifestyle.

Easier maintained attachments: friends and family are more likely to visit their loved ones while they are in their own home.

Less expensive: often, seniors can remain in their own home with just a few hours of help.

Advantages for the Families of the Senior

Less Stress: family no longer needs to worry about cooking, cleaning and other daily chores.

No more worrying about the safety of their elderly loved one.

Less Guilt and Resentment: With the senior being cared for, family members can spend more time with their children (sandwich generation).

More Quality Time: Time spent with elderly loved one is no longer spent on performing household duties and chores, but reconnecting and enjoying one another’s company.

Better Relationships. Less stress, less guilt, more quality time all add up to a better relationship.

Less Financial Burden: With flexible hours and schedules, a personalized budget can be set up to maximize client satisfaction and minimize costs

Sequoia Senior Solutions is a proud member of The Senior's Choice network

Sequoia Senior Solutions is a proud member of The Senior’s Choice Network


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